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Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake is a indispensable dessert to celebrate birthday. Our flower shop also have many different type of cakes to order such as black forest, mango, chestnuts, mixed fruit, strawberry, mousse cake, new york cheese and Tiramisu. All the cakes are fresh made from the cake shop everyday, to share this delicious birthday cake and happy moment with your friends and families, you just need to place the order online 1-2 days before the delivery date, we can arrange the delivery for you.

Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-3602
Macaroons 12pcs Gifts Box ..
HK$516.00 HK$496.00
Mini Chocolate Cake 5cm Diameter
-14 %
Brand: Hong Kong Cakeshop Model: CKK-2820
Mini Chocolate Mousse Cake 50mm diameter ..
HK$216.00 HK$186.00
Brand: Hong Kong Cakeshop Model: CKK-2642
Mixed Fruit Cake with Fruits Topping (1Lb) ..
HK$396.00 HK$366.00
Brand: Saint Honore Cake Shop Model: CKK-2621
New York Cheese Cake, Fresh made Everyday for your lover..
HK$366.00 HK$356.00
Brand: A1 Bakery Model: CKK-2623
Heart Shape Strawberry on Cream Cake, Sweetly Cake, Have Fun..
HK$396.00 HK$376.00
Brand: Saint Honore Cake Shop Model: CKK-2622
Mousse Cake with Fresh Strawberry on top, Fresh made everyday for your valentine..
HK$376.00 HK$366.00
Brand: A1 Bakery Model: CKK-2853
Delicious Tiramisu Cake Tiramisu is the most delicious solution to the sweet crises with immediate guests. Italian flavour has now become part of our culture. In the real tiramisu recipe used cream of mascarpone cheese with cat tongue. In this recipe, we will use the cream prepared from the labne..
Brand: Saint Honore Cake Shop Model: CKK-2697
Tiramisu Cake, send to someone on his birthday..
HK$396.00 HK$366.00
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